Random Rantings: The Hype Train


If you are a member of any type of bookish community, you know what the hype train is.  A reviewer reads an ARC and does not shut up about it.  Then other bloggers get ahold of the book and don’t shut up about it.  Suddenly there is a whole cluster of readers that WILL NOT SHUT UP about a certain book!  It gets even worse once the book is released because everyone that was paying attention to these people who would not shut up, read the book and then they start talking to the initial people who wouldn’t shut up, leading to EVERYONE, their moms and their dogs talking about the same damn book.

My initial reaction is…

But sometimes they don’t stop.

And sometimes I get sucked in because I’m left feeling…

This isn’t always a bad thing, but we all know that when it comes to hype, it often leads to a major letdown.  We get so excited about the book because EVERYONE, their moms, and don’t forget, even their dogs… told us WE WOULD BE OBSESSED with it.  But for some reason, the book was just okay.  THEN we kinda feel like losers because we are the ONLY ones that didn’t LOVE this holy grail of a book.  Other times, the book is a total hit, so we take over the train and start another cycle of hype!

Lately, when I think about hype, two series come to mind:


I’ve been putting them off forever, but finally gave in and read Throne of Glass over the weekend.  People weren’t talking about it ALL THE TIME anymore.  I stopped yelling “SHUT UP!!” at the computer screen every time I saw it mentioned, so I figured it was time to give it a shot.  In this case, it was a total hit!  I have started a new train and have been talking about this book nonstop.  I’m tweeting about it, instagramming about it, and texting any of my bookish friends that will listen!  This book kicked so much butt that I jumped right into Crown of Midnight as soon as I finished.  The series has it all– layered characters, top notch plot, slow burn romance, and all the elements fantasy lovers hope to find.  I seriously can’t get enough of it.  I was squealing when I realized it will be a SIX BOOK SERIES!!!  I’m hoping that once I eventually decide to read Cinder, that it too, will be a win for me!

So tell me…

When it comes to hype, do you jump on board immediately to see what all the fuss is about?

Do you wait for the hype to simmer down before jumping in?

What books have you read lately that have turned out to be worthy of all that hype?

What books made you feel like a real loser for not LOVING?


This was the page I instagrammed from Crown of Midnight:

(I expect you to want to read the book after reading it)



  1. jaimearkin

    THIS SERIES!! Lol – I’m so happy you are loving it! The hype train is so frustrating sometimes and it definitely can ruin a series for me simply because I go in expecting magic and then when it isn’t I’m all angry. LOL that damn Cassandra Clare series comes to mind when I think of this. Or Mara Dyer… I know I’m in the minority on those but I just didn’t feel it with those books and won’t be bothering with the next books.

    I’m totally guilty of hype… I know I am. I flail and tweet and instagram and blog about books that I fall in love with. The most recent is The Kiss of Deception and OMG I’m in love with it and it’s only the first book but it is just so amazingly done.. I think I was guilty of hyping MLND too – I read that one early and well… Jase. LOL

    Love this post and definitely love that you love Chaol and Celeana!!

    ps I think you’ll really like Cinder – I waiting until Scarlet came out to read and I kept wondering why I waited so long LOL after I read it!

  2. Rebecca @ The Library Canary

    I am beyond excited that you loved TOG and COM. Also, I am freaking out just reading that page you posted. Seriously, I got back to COM and reread random sections again because THEY ARE JUST SO GOOD! BECAUSE CHAOL. Am I right? Yes, I know I am.

    As far as hype goes, I jump on the train a lot of the time, but I also get nervous because I have been disappointed. I really want to read The Winner’s Curse for example, but I’m also super nervous because of all the hype. I really really want to love the book so I’m thinking about holding off for a little bit and I’ve been trying not to read reviews so I don’t become biased.

    Also, you need to read Cinder right now! I’m sure you will love it. That series is amazing!!

  3. Erin

    Nope, not the only one. Though for me it’s more movies. Like for the Hunger Game and Divergent I really don’t/didn’t want to see the movies.

  4. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    I’m definitely susceptible to the hype train, but not that much. I think it’s just that I have a pretty good idea about what I like and don’t like. The times that my expectations are so high are usually because I’ve read the summary and think it will be exactly what I’m looking for. And then when the book doesn’t live up to my expectations, then that’s depressing.

    But I’ve actually had good experiences with hype. For instance, one of the books you mentioned above – Cinder. As much as I love fairytale retellings, I’m really not a fan of science fiction. So I didn’t plan on reading Cinder, but I kept hearing over and over again how great that series was, and so I did read it, and I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID.

  5. TheNerdyJournalist

    When it comes to popular ARCs that sound interesting to me, I usually like to read the book right after it’s published because… I don’t really know. Why not?
    I like checking out books that are popular among my favorite bloggers, but Goodreads popularity doesn’t really mean anything to me.
    I tend to stay away from books that are really mainstream. I’m talking about the books that your math teacher, that really annoying chick that’s in all of your classes, some random freshman, everyone (that includes people that don’t typically find enjoyment in reading) have read. I haven’t read Twilight because mainstream books like that leave me feeling drowned in everyone else’s opinion; I don’t really get a chance to open the book with a really fresh mind.
    I didn’t love Throne of Glass, Sweet Evil, or Pushing the Limits, but I liked them. Ignite Me wasn’t even close to hype-worthy. I’m still angry at Tehereh Mafi about that one.
    Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, and These Broken Stars are pretty hype-worthy; I enjoyed them a lot.

  6. Pam@YA Escape from Reality

    I admit it, I pay attention to the hype, but only about books that I’m interested in reading anyway. Most of the time the book does live up to the hype, but there have been a few times that I did really like the book but I wasn’t jumping up and down and screaming about it. I do miss sometimes just browsing in a bookstore, picking up a book I know absolutely nothing about, and reading it, because sometimes that’s the way you discover a book that you love.

  7. Alexa S. (@alexalovesbooks)

    I’m guilty of being one of those people who enthusiastically talks about books when I’m reading them. I’ve been trying to be better about it lately, but it’s hard when I get really excited (like with Open Road Summer).

    Also, I’m still one of the avid TOG fangirls. I’m so happy that you like it!

  8. Wendy @ Book Scents


    yes. i just put in a bunch of words together in caps. because seriously. I can’t put into words the love I have for that series and freaking CHAOL WESTFALL. … did I mention that there is a totally hot guy in my class (played baseball too betty!) whose last name is “westphall” and i always think about him when I read westfall? haha. he’s married though.

    anyway. back to chaol the amazing captain of the guard that I love… i’m SO excited you’re loving it and SO EXCITED you’re reading CoM right now — TWEET ME AS YOU READ BECAUSE AHHH.

    also i totally know what you mean about hype. sometimes I join in but most of the time i don’t have time to even be able to join in if I wanted to because it seems liek i always read books after the fact or way after the hype haha. it’s almost nice though bc then tehre’s always people i can talk to if I become completely obsessed with it. :)

  9. CeCe

    GOD, BETTY! Will you just shut up about Crown of Midnight already? I’m not going to read it! Stop forcing it on me and making me feel so bad about it…
    LOL JK.
    This post pretty much describes how I feel every day. I don’t usually get angry and want to tell everyone to shut up, instead I get depressed and overwhelmed about all the books I need to read and don’t have any time for. I feel like I am missing out on all the best things in life and, in turn, I am a complete and utter book failure.Thanks for reminding me.

    • bookrockbetty

      hahaha… yeah, but you read Thief already, didn’t you!!?? So really, I am the failure because I FREAKING LOVE that series and have not read the final book! Does that make you feel better about your reading abilities? :)

  10. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading

    I’m so excited that you loved Throne of Glass! I need to read that one too but I’m slowly edging my way into fantasy :P

    I definitely don’t jump on board immediately with hype. Well sometimes I do but it’s more and more rare lately. I didn’t read Cinder until a year a bit after everyone else, and I did enjoy it! Shadow and Bone… well I waited TOO long to read it but adored it! I too like to wait a bit and then read it, unless it’s an arc in which case I will avoid all ANYTHING about it :P

    The ones I’ve read lately that are hype worthy definitely have to be MLND, Shadow and Bone and the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Bahaha… ironically, all books that you loved and at some time mentioned to me to read them :P

    The top two non hype worthy books that come to mind are All the truth that’s in me and (I am SOOO SOOO sorry for this … ) Dangerous Girls. I hate to say it because I see you are reading right now and I DID like it but, I have this weird ability to guess all twists and I HATE IT. And because DG’s ending was hyped so much and blah blah blah, I expected to be blown outta my chair. Alas I was not but I hope you LOVE IT. I am the absolute oddball in only liking it (not loving it).

    Love love LOVE this topic!!! I love talking about the effects of hype.

  11. Incredibrarian

    I think we’ve all fallen victim to the hype train at some point, be it riding it or conducting it. And it doesn’t always involve books, it can be movies, music, tv shows, etc.

    But I get what you’re saying. Sometimes, it’s draining lurking around the blogs, and seeing the same handful of books over and over. I most recently fell victim to this on The Fault in Our Stars. The blogs have been talking about it. My students are talking about it. The neighbor’s dog is talking about it. So I read it, and for me it was just. . .eh. I did like the audio book by Kate Rudd though. She was great.

    I don’t see me hopping on another trend for a while. I have some books to read that I haven’t seen many discussing.

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