REVIEW: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

 Title & Author: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord
 Series: N/A
 Publisher: Walker, 342 pages
 Release Date: April 14, 2014
 Genre: Contemporary
 Source: ARC provided at ALA Midwinter 
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 SYNOPSIS: (According to my husband, who has NOT read the book —  see how well he listens to my bookish ramblings)

This is a book about Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes and how the record companies want them to fall in love.  Instead there is this girl from a cruddy family who gets punched in the face by some dumb boy.  She is a no name roadie who quickly becomes the 3rd wheel in this romantic country love triangle.  Cheers!


  •  THE KISSING –  This book is loaded with flirting, top notch tension, and eventually kissing throughout the entire story!  Matt and Reagan had such an obvious connection from the moment they met and I had butterflies in my belly as I watched their relationship develop!
  • THE SWOONING – Matt Finch is a total hottie that sings AND plays guitar!  No, not just in his bedroom- he’s the real deal, on tour with Reagan’s best friend, a country star named Lilah Montgomery!  Looks and skills aside, he is an all around nice guy.  He is an amazing friend to Lilah and really cared for Reagan.  He wanted to get to know the real her from day one.
  • THE SWAGGER –  It’s always fun to read a story that involves a celebrity! The lifestyle is intriguing and considering every girl dreams of having a celebrity fall for her- this story was easy to fall in love with.  It never felt cheesy and seemed realistic, which is what I appreciated most!
  • THE OH SNAP! –  1. Country Music Stars  2. Music Tour  3. Roadies  4. Falling In Love  5. Letting Down Walls  6. Fame  7. Tabloids  8. Friendship  9. Misunderstandings 10. Ex girlfriend drama
  • THE UMMMM WHAT?? –   Not one!
  • THE ROCK – Somebody Like You by Keith Urban  spot

ENCORE: Contemporaries can be hit or miss with me.  I need a solid plot and deep characters for it to work.  This book had both!  I felt I got a good look at each of the characters and loved seeing them support each other throughout ups and downs.  I appreciated the strong focus on the friendship between Reagan and Lilah!  Even when they were getting on each other’s nerves, it didn’t sway their loyalty.  The relationship between Matt and Reagan was very well written.  It wasn’t instalove and the relationship was built at a perfect pace.  It was beautiful to watch them open up and let down their walls in order to leave their baggage behind!  The ending was absolutely adorable and I definitely said “awww” out loud!



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  1. Allison L (@bookishfeminist)

    “This is a book about Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes and how the record companies want them to fall in love.”

    I almost lost my coffee all over my computer screen after reading this. Too funny! Anyway, I do keep hearing really good things about this one which makes me really want to read it. Hopefully soon! :)

    • bookrockbetty

      LOL… Mr. Betty says it like it is. ;) It was a seriously cute book— and not fluffy, which always makes the difference for me! Hope you like it once you get around to reading it!!

  2. TheNerdyJournalist

    After Jennifer Echols’s Dirty Little Secret, I’ve been looking for another good book about country singers/bands. Taylor Swift and Hunter Haynes (sort of) plus a road trip plus swoony romance? Ahhhh!

  3. Alexa S. (@alexalovesbooks)

    I seriously just loved Open Road Summer! Everything about it – summer, (tour) road trip, country star celebrities, BFFs, music, a sweet boy – just really appealed to me. I just got my finished copy in the mail yesterday, and I cannot wait to reread it already! SO.GOOD.

    • Hannah

      Girl, trust my rating. Haha!

      I loooooved this one so much, so I obviously vote READ IT but I’ll let Betty tell you what’s up. :)

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