Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Stuff I’d LOVE To Own

So… it isn’t Tuesday, but I messed up when I scheduled a post this week.   This was a fun topic and I didn’t want to miss out, so here we are…. Top Ten Thursday??  Here are ten bookish things that I would LOVE to have!
In no particular order…



Artori Designs

How could anyone NOT want this??



Castle On The Hill

Seriously, how cute are these??



 Skip ‘N Whistle

I just think this is awesome.



Happy Sparrow Shop

I freaking love these.  I think the mocking jay is cool, but honestly, even a vintage old school book I know nothing about would be pretty sweet.




Casesual Stylish

This would be fun to have.



Literati Club

Please buy this for me.

“Next to being married, a girl likes being crossed in love a little now and again.” 




Knots and Biscuits




To The Moon And Back

I MUST have this.  I’m not sure why, but I’m obsessed.



Nursery Works

I would love to have this in the baby bettys bedroom.  The price tag is INSANE; however, I found a great DIY tutorial on Walls Under Construction and plan on putting my father-in-law to work!



I found this on Etsy a while ago, but the page is broken now.  Regardless, I think it is amazing and want it in my living room.




I’ll take this too…






  1. CeCe

    I loved every single thing on this list! Now I am feeling grabby hands and like I want to run out to etsy and buy all the bookish things. The cat reading t-shirt especially because that is pretty much my life on a t-shirt.

  2. Rebecca @ The Library Canary

    I will take one of everything please! My favorite has got to be that platform bookshelf bed. Ironically, my husband and I need a new bed frame…. *spends all the money* And that cat reading shirt? Hilarious! The pipe bookshelf is super cool and of course that last picture. I think it my future home there will be no pictures on the walls, just wall to wall built-in bookshelves. *sigh* That would be perfection.

  3. TheNerdyJournalist

    I love that book clutch! And the scarf! The bed is cool, but it’d probably be a pain to crawl on the floor or stoop over every time I wanted to pick out/put back a book, especially if I was having trouble locating the book I want (that would happen a lot because I’m terrible at finding things in plain sight),

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