Are You Looking To Buy Weighted Blankets?
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Are You Looking To Buy Weighted Blankets?

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Are you suffering from anxiety, stress or ADHD? We believe you need a calm environment to help you feel relaxed. How do you do that? We suggest you try weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are heavy blankets filled with materials such as plastic pallets; these weigh around 15 pounds or more and are used to make their patients feel calm and relaxed during their bouts of anxiety and stress by providing a restful sleep to them. You must be wondering what are its uses and why should you buy them, also are they too expensive? Do read the article below to know the answer!

Do weighted blankets have health benefits?

Yes, a weighted blanket indeed has many health benefits

  • Decreases anxiety – Gravity blankets were originally used by psychiatrists to calm their patients who suffer from anxiety and stress. Over time the quality increased and is still used for that purpose.
  • Helps insomnia – according to a study, people who suffer from chronic insomnia were studied for a week or two and it was found that they prefer weighted blankets as they were able to sleep better or longer with little to no occurrences of waking up in between.
  • Provides for ADHD – ADHD is a disorder that reduces focus and makes a person rather impulsive, for that matter weighted blankets are said to have increased focus of such people.
  • Restless leg syndrome – in this a person assumes that a spider or something of a similar sort is crawling over their legs and this feeling is felt mostly at night. It was found that putting weights reduced that and people could sleep better.
  • PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder is said to be found in people who have been through some serious traumatic event that causes sleep disorder. Weighted blankets elevate PTSD and people can rest better.

How does it work?

A good night’s sleep feels elusive and is not easy, especially in such a stressful scenario. As such a weighted blanket canada, that is made of poly pallets that weigh between 10 pounds and 25 pounds make a person feel like something heavy is on top of them or rather gives the feeling that someone is holding them and because of that, they can sleep better. The weighted blankets are said to reduce anxiety by increasing the melatonin production via sensory stimulation in the brain and this increases serotonin levels in the brain, reducing stress and anxiety, providing ease and comfort, the person feels relaxed and calm therefore sleeps more peacefully and gets proper rest.

What are these made of?

A weighted blanket is made of various materials; the most common include plastic pallets or glass balls. Apart from that, these are available in various styles and sizes too.

If you want a good night’s sleep and want to sleep comfortably and calmly then do prefer buying these gravity blankets as they have many health benefits!