Review: 10 commandments from What Every Body Is Saying

Review: 10 commandments from What Every Body Is Saying

What Every Body Is Saying is a body language guide written by an Ex-FBI agent Joe Navarro. This book provides vast information on the subject of body language which cannot be covered in just one article. However, to get started with in the very beginning of the book he gives 10 commandments that one needs to set their mind to in order to improve their observational skills and from this article you can take away those. 

  1. Circumstantial awareness: Most of us, if fortunate enough, are said to possess 5 senses which can get sharpened by repetitive usage. Circumstantial or situational awareness is a quite straightforward subtitle which gives a fair idea that this commandment instructs us to be aware of the environment we’re in by using our senses. For example: If you enter inside a restaurant try to feel your presence inside that place in its entirety; look at how things are put, what the place smells like, what sort of noises are surrounding your environment (if any), touch things to observe the texture, taste your food actively.
  2. Context: Now observation is a tricky concept because our mind fools us oft-times and pushes us into making hasty conclusions. A certain behaviour or thing does not necessarily point to a certain thing, no matter how obvious it seems to you, which heightens the importance of the context. For example: You’re observing a person who is sweating a lot without context you might just overlook the fact that it’s summer and some people, unlike you, naturally sweat more, which might just lead you to a rushed conclusion that the person is nervous about something. 
  3. Teach yourself how to recognize universal body language signs: If you’re not familiar with the universal body language signs it’ll be hard for you to pin
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