TTT- Top FIVE Bookish Habits I Want To Quit


All readers fall into little habits that aren’t cool. I am no exception. Here are 5 traps that I have fallen into that I hope I can fight my way out of!

In no particular order…


I have the tendency to look at a book’s overall rating on goodreads and immediately make assumptions. If it is under 4, it seems questionable, when in reality, I’ve read many books that I’ve given a 4.5 or even 5 that only have a 3.5 on Goodreads! I need to take it with a grain of salt and remain open minded.


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Random Rantings: Trusting Friends With Book Recs


I have always been one to put stock in the opinions of friends and bloggers that seem to have similar taste in books. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If I see a book online or at the bookstore, I’ll usually jump on goodreads or send off a text to determine if the book is worth my time. A lot of time this works. If these people love a book, I usually do too.

But sometimes… I don’t.

And sometimes these people don’t like a book…. but I do.

Sidenote: How hot is he?!

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TTT- Top Ten Books To Read If You Are Open To Self Pubs!


So yeah..
I thought it was freebie week for top ten tuesday. It’s not.
My bad, yo. I’m sure life will go on.
I love getting book recs from friends, but the best feeling ever, is to stumble upon a book on Amazon that sounds awesome, is self published (or started out self published), and actually ends up being better than the books being pushed by publishing houses! I love finding needles in the haystack! There are so many crappy self published books out there that readers and bloggers have created an unfair stereotype and avoid them like the plague. I get it.. I do. When I started getting more book mail from publishers, I had to cut back on accepting self published book pitches. It is a big risk to take one on because it is a complete crapshoot. BUT… some of these self published books eventually get scooped up by a house because the book is just THAT good! If readers don’t take a chance on them, the world will be missing out on something truly wonderful.
Plus, it just so happens that a lot of traditionally published books stink too!
Below are 10 books that were self published.
They aren’t good “for being self published”.
In fact, a few of these are my absolute favorites of all time.
Give them a chance!

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Baby Bettys: A PASSION FOR ELEPHANTS by Toni Buzzeo (Blog Tour & Giveaway!)


The Baby Bettys had a lot of fun with Toni Buzzeo’s, My Bibi Always Remembers, so we were pumped when asked to participate on this blog tour! This book had a more serious tone, as it focused on Cynthia Moss and the ways she has dedicated her life to elephant research. Both parents and children can learn a lot from her story. The Baby Bettys had so many questions once we finished reading. I love the fact that it reached them in the way it was supposed to. For our stop, Toni has created a TOP FIVE LIST FOR BUDDING SCIENTISTS! Check it out below and be sure to enter the giveaway to win a copy of the book!


Amazon  |   Goodreads  |  Toni Buzzeo | Holly Berry

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