Top Ten Tuesday: My Winter TBR List

My winter is going to be pretty hectic… we are moving on December 16th!  It’s making the holiday season feel really strange this year, but I’m just incredibly thankful we were able to sell our house even if the timing isn’t ideal!  I will be doing a lot of unpacking and settling in , but obviously my books will be one of the first things I unpack (if I have it my way!).  I always have way too many books on my TBR lists (you know… the ones I never stick to), but here are 10 I’m really excited about!

In no particular order…





REVIEW: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

 Title & Author: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
 Series: N/A 
 Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 344 pages
 Release Date: May 4, 2010 
 Genre: Contemporary
 Source: Purchased
  Amazon  |  Goodreads  |  Morgan Matson

 SYNOPSIS: (According to my husband, who has NOT read the book —  see how well he listens to my bookish ramblings)

Amy and Roger go on an epic detour across the country to see ‘Merica.  Why?  Because they have baggage and lots of issues.  No, not suitcases and magazines.  I’m talking dying parents and ex-girlfriends.  By the end of the book they are probably holding hands and sucking each others face.  Mr. Betty knows.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Sequels I Can’t Wait To Get

I am in the middle of so many series!  Although, considering how long the wait usually is in between books– at least I always have SOMETHING to read!!  However.. there are some books that I’m DYING to get my hands on… some of which are still untitled and not even completely written yet!  If you haven’t started these series, you must.

In no particular order…


Boomerang was a really fun New Adult contemporary!  There  was a solid plot, lots of humor, and some really steamy scenes– all without any over the top drama!  I have high hopes for Rebound!


Trial by Fire was such a cool book.  I’m not usually into witches, but I was quickly drawn into this world.  I loved the worldwalking!  Plus there is a hot guy.  This book ended on a crazy cliffhanger.  I need the next book ASAP!


I LOVED Lailah!  Not only was the world unique– lots of paranormal stuff going on here– but there is a definite love triangle that I thoroughly enjoyed!  I can’t wait to see how it plays out in Gabriel!


Mmmm… I love MMA fighters!  Lori Foster brought her A game in book 1!  Not only did I fall hard for the main characters, but I also really enjoyed the secondary characters, which is why I am so anxious for Holding Strong!  I want more!


 Gosh.  Do I even need to explain this one?  Huntley’s characters steal my heart.  For some reason I always feel extremely connected to these books.  I not only tap into my past emotions as a teenager, but I can also always relate to her older characters as well.  I ALWAYS end up with a book hangover.  I WANT TIM’S STORY NOW!


This book was amazing.  The world building was top notch and the characters were so vivid.  The Kiss of Deception was told through multiple POV’s which allowed for a giant freaking twist I never saw coming.  I gotta know where she is taking this story!  Oh- and major HOT GUY ALERT!


I love Katie McGarry.  She hasn’t written a book I haven’t loved.  I’ve read them all and they are proudly displayed on the top shelf of my bookcase.  I freaked out and seriously flailed around my house when I found out there was going to be a continuation of Noah & Echo’s story!  I can’t wait!


JLA is brilliant.  How she comes up with so many incredible ideas I will never know.  She doesn’t stop.  It’s like she has a bottomless bowl of book boyfriends to write.  I eat them all up!  This series is crazy though– gargoyles and demons.  Just read it.


I just read the first 2 books of the series.  I. am. in. LOVE.  THESE BOOKS!!!  HOLY SNAP!  Arin is just.. WOW.  The politics and world development is phenomenal, but what really gets me is the deep, vulnerable, slow burn romance!


Do I need to say anything about this?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

Speaking of sequels I can’t wait to read…
This one is out already, but seriously– we all waited FOREVER.
Gaby is awesome and bought me this book because I pushed a human out of my body recently.
But because she is Gaby… she always goes above and beyond.
She got the book signed.
Not just signed… this is Gaby we are talking about.
Signed TO ME.
How awesome is this??






Getting to Know You (Well ME) Blog Hop!

I am loving this opportunity to not only share a little bit about my own blog, but to also get to know several others.  Mega thanks to the ladies at Cuddlebuggery for hosting this awesome blog hop giveaway!  Such a fun idea!

For those of you that don’t know me…

Hi!  I’m Betty and I like to book rock!


Almost 2 years ago I inquired with FYA about starting or joining a book club in my area.  There wasn’t one at the time, so they held onto my email and said they’d let me know if anyone else contacted them.  Jamie connected with them about a month later!  She found out I had 2 kids at the time and I’m pretty sure thought I was some old woman having a midlife crisis, longing to tap back into her younger days.  It took a while for us to communicate… she told me she was sick, but I don’t buy it.  LOL  I think she was avoiding the old YA reading creeper she thought I was! (She will try to convince you otherwise. haha)  Anyway, we finally worked out the details and our Philly Burbs Book Club was born!

At this time, I had no idea that book blogs even existed.  Both Jamie and Ellie had blogs and encouraged me to start one.  I said, “ok”… and so began the blog naming extravaganza.  I didn’t want a name that was super similar to anyone else or anything that felt cheesy.  Our first book club event was a Gayle Forman signing.  I had just read If I Stay and LOVED it!  I could relate so well to those characters– I dated a lot of guys in bands and my life revolved around music throughout high school and college.  I loved the term “rock talk” Mia used when referring to the conversations between Adam and her Dad.  From there I came up with BOOK ROCK….. and BOOK ROCK BETTY was born!

I can’t believe it will be 2 years of blogging in a few months!  I have had so much fun with it and made so many great friends!  I recently gave birth to baby #3 and we sold our house, which means we are in the process of moving– things are a bit insane and the blog has been slow, but I’m still here book rocking!


I have 3 kids– the last one is named after my top book boyfriend!

I bite my lips constantly.


I drink my coffee black.

I am a germaphobe (to put it lightly).

I am a health nut (except for donuts).

I am hardcore about my non-toxic lifestyle.

I hate driving in the snow.

I am obsessed with cookie jars.

Taco Tuesday is a must.

Mr. Betty thinks I’m REALLY REALLY funny.

I’m extremely stubborn.

If you mess with someone I love I will destroy you.

I love breaking the rules.

I value my privacy.


If I don’t know you, please say hello on twitter or tell me about yourself in a comment!


For my giveaway, I’ve chosen the Love Me With Lies series by Tarryn Fisher

Winner will be gifted all three books on Kindle


The Opportunist (book 1) in paperback

(US Only for paperback)


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I chose this series because I connected with each book on an incredibly deep level.  I have never read anything like it and have never felt as though an author knew my deep, dark, somewhat psychotic brain!  I felt so exposed!  These books explore human emotion in the most raw and vulnerable way possible.  The characters say and do things all people have thought, but generally don’t act on!  It was insane and beautiful.  I was completely blown away.  If you are not dying for these books yet, check out my review of The Opportunist.  YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES!  I have so much love for Tarryn Fisher- no one writes the way she does!

Good Luck!